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package zstd

import "zgo.at/zstd"

Package zstd is a collection of extensions to Go's stdlib.


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zboolPackage zstring implements functions for booleans.
zbytePackage zbyte implements functions for byte slices.
zcontextPackage zcontext implements context functions.
zcryptoPackage zcrypto implements cryptographic helpers.
zdebugPackage zdebug implements functions useful when debugging programs.
zexecPackage zexec runs external commands.
zfilepathPackage zfilepath implements functions for manipulating filename paths.
zfloatPackage zfloat implements functions for floats.
zfmtPackage zfmt implements additional formatting functions.
zfsPackage zfs provides some extensions to the fs package.
zgoPackage zgo provides functions to work with Go source files.
zhttputilPackage zhttputil provides HTTP utility functions.
zimagePackage zimage adds functions for working with images.
zintPackage zint implements functions for ints.
zioPackage zio implements some I/O utility functions.
zjsonPackage zjson provides functions for working with JSON.
zmapPackage zmap implements generic functions for maps.
znetPackage znet contains utilities for network communication.
zosPackage zos implements functions for interfacing with the operating system.
zreflectPackage zreflect implements functions for reflection.
zruntimePackage zruntime provides utilities to interface with the Go runtime.
zslicePackage zslice implements generic functions for slices.
zstringPackage zstring implements functions for strings.
zsyncPackage zsync adds functions for synchronization.
ztestPackage ztest contains helper functions that are useful for writing tests.
ztest/fakeconnPackage fakeconn provides a "fake" net.Conn implementation.
ztest/imagePackage image contains helpers for testing image-related code.
ztimePackage ztime implements functions for date and time.
ztypePackage ztype adds extra types.
zxmlPackage zxml provides functions for working with XML.
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May 31, 2024
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