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package sqlite3

import "zgo.at/zdb/drivers/go-sqlite3"

Package sqlite3 provides a zdb driver for SQLite.

This uses https://github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3/

Several connection parameters are set to different defaults in SQLite:

_journal_mode=wal          Almost always faster with better concurrency,
                           with little drawbacks for most use cases.

_foreign_keys=on           Check FK constraints; by default they're not
                           enforced, which is probably not what you want.

_busy_timeout=200          Wait 200ms for locks instead of immediately
                           throwing an error.

_defer_foreign_keys=on     Delay FK checks until the transaction commit; by
                           default they're checked immediately (if

_case_sensitive_like=on    LIKE is case-sensitive, like PostgreSQL.

_cache_size=-20000         20M cache size, instead of 2M. Can be a
                           significant performance improvement.

You can still use "?_journal_mode=something_else" in the connection string to set something different.

To use a ConnectHook, you can DefaultHook() to automatically set the given connection hook on every new connection. Alternatively, you can register it first using the regular method:

sql.Register("sqlite3-hook1", &sqlite3.SQLiteDriver{
    ConnectHook: func(c *sqlite3.SQLiteConn) error {
        return c.RegisterFunc("hook1", func() string { return "hook1" }, true)

And then call zdb.Connect() with "sqlite3-hook1" as the driver name. Note the driver name *must* start with "sqlite3".



func DefaultHook

func DefaultHook(f func(*sqlite3.SQLiteConn) error)

DefaultHook sets the default SQLite connection hook to use on every connection if no specific hook was specified.

Note that connections made before this are not modified.

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