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package caps

import "zgo.at/termfo/caps"

Package caps contains a list of all terminfo capabilities.



const CursesVersion = `ncurses-6.3.20221105`

CursesVersion is the version of curses this data was generated with, as [implementation]-[version].


var (
	AutoLeftMargin         = &Cap{`bw`, `auto_left_margin`, `cub1 wraps from column 0 to last column`}
	AutoRightMargin        = &Cap{`am`, `auto_right_margin`, `terminal has automatic margins`}
	NoEscCtlc              = &Cap{`xsb`, `no_esc_ctlc`, `beehive (f1=escape, f2=ctrl C)`}
	CeolStandoutGlitch     = &Cap{`xhp`, `ceol_standout_glitch`, `standout not erased by overwriting (hp)`}
	EatNewlineGlitch       = &Cap{`xenl`, `eat_newline_glitch`, `newline ignored after 80 cols (concept)`}
	EraseOverstrike        = &Cap{`eo`, `erase_overstrike`, `can erase overstrikes with a blank`}
	GenericType            = &Cap{`gn`, `generic_type`, `generic line type`}
	HardCopy               = &Cap{`hc`, `hard_copy`, `hardcopy terminal`}
	HasMetaKey             = &Cap{`km`, `has_meta_key`, `Has a meta key (i.e., sets 8th-bit)`}
	HasStatusLine          = &Cap{`hs`, `has_status_line`, `has extra status line`}
	InsertNullGlitch       = &Cap{`in`, `insert_null_glitch`, `insert mode distinguishes nulls`}
	MemoryAbove            = &Cap{`da`, `memory_above`, `display may be retained above the screen`}
	MemoryBelow            = &Cap{`db`, `memory_below`, `display may be retained below the screen`}
	MoveInsertMode         = &Cap{`mir`, `move_insert_mode`, `safe to move while in insert mode`}
	MoveStandoutMode       = &Cap{`msgr`, `move_standout_mode`, `safe to move while in standout mode`}
	OverStrike             = &Cap{`os`, `over_strike`, `terminal can overstrike`}
	StatusLineEscOk        = &Cap{`eslok`, `status_line_esc_ok`, `escape can be used on the status line`}
	DestTabsMagicSmso      = &Cap{`xt`, `dest_tabs_magic_smso`, `tabs destructive, magic so char (t1061)`}
	TildeGlitch            = &Cap{`hz`, `tilde_glitch`, `cannot print ~'s (Hazeltine)`}
	TransparentUnderline   = &Cap{`ul`, `transparent_underline`, `underline character overstrikes`}
	XonXoff                = &Cap{`xon`, `xon_xoff`, `terminal uses xon/xoff handshaking`}
	NeedsXonXoff           = &Cap{`nxon`, `needs_xon_xoff`, `padding will not work, xon/xoff required`}
	PrtrSilent             = &Cap{`mc5i`, `prtr_silent`, `printer will not echo on screen`}
	HardCursor             = &Cap{`chts`, `hard_cursor`, `cursor is hard to see`}
	NonRevRmcup            = &Cap{`nrrmc`, `non_rev_rmcup`, `smcup does not reverse rmcup`}
	NoPadChar              = &Cap{`npc`, `no_pad_char`, `pad character does not exist`}
	NonDestScrollRegion    = &Cap{`ndscr`, `non_dest_scroll_region`, `scrolling region is non-destructive`}
	CanChange              = &Cap{`ccc`, `can_change`, `terminal can re-define existing colors`}
	BackColorErase         = &Cap{`bce`, `back_color_erase`, `screen erased with background color`}
	HueLightnessSaturation = &Cap{`hls`, `hue_lightness_saturation`, `terminal uses only HLS color notation (Tektronix)`}
	ColAddrGlitch          = &Cap{`xhpa`, `col_addr_glitch`, `only positive motion for hpa/mhpa caps`}
	CrCancelsMicroMode     = &Cap{`crxm`, `cr_cancels_micro_mode`, `using cr turns off micro mode`}
	HasPrintWheel          = &Cap{`daisy`, `has_print_wheel`, `printer needs operator to change character set`}
	RowAddrGlitch          = &Cap{`xvpa`, `row_addr_glitch`, `only positive motion for vpa/mvpa caps`}
	SemiAutoRightMargin    = &Cap{`sam`, `semi_auto_right_margin`, `printing in last column causes cr`}
	CpiChangesRes          = &Cap{`cpix`, `cpi_changes_res`, `changing character pitch changes resolution`}
	LpiChangesRes          = &Cap{`lpix`, `lpi_changes_res`, `changing line pitch changes resolution`}
	Columns                = &Cap{`cols`, `columns`, `number of columns in a line`}
	InitTabs               = &Cap{`it`, `init_tabs`, `tabs initially every # spaces`}
	Lines                  = &Cap{`lines`, `lines`, `number of lines on screen or page`}
	LinesOfMemory          = &Cap{`lm`, `lines_of_memory`, `lines of memory if > line. 0 means varies`}
	MagicCookieGlitch      = &Cap{`xmc`, `magic_cookie_glitch`, `number of blank characters left by smso or rmso`}
	PaddingBaudRate        = &Cap{`pb`, `padding_baud_rate`, `lowest baud rate where padding needed`}
	VirtualTerminal        = &Cap{`vt`, `virtual_terminal`, `virtual terminal number (CB/unix)`}
	WidthStatusLine        = &Cap{`wsl`, `width_status_line`, `number of columns in status line`}
	NumLabels              = &Cap{`nlab`, `num_labels`, `number of labels on screen`}
	LabelHeight            = &Cap{`lh`, `label_height`, `rows in each label`}
	LabelWidth             = &Cap{`lw`, `label_width`, `columns in each label`}
	MaxAttributes          = &Cap{`ma`, `max_attributes`, `maximum combined attributes terminal can handle`}
	MaximumWindows         = &Cap{`wnum`, `maximum_windows`, `maximum number of definable windows`}
	MaxColors              = &Cap{`colors`, `max_colors`, `maximum number of colors on screen`}
	MaxPairs               = &Cap{`pairs`, `max_pairs`, `maximum number of color-pairs on the screen`}
	NoColorVideo           = &Cap{`ncv`, `no_color_video`, `video attributes that cannot be used with colors`}
	BufferCapacity         = &Cap{`bufsz`, `buffer_capacity`, `numbers of bytes buffered before printing`}
	DotVertSpacing         = &Cap{`spinv`, `dot_vert_spacing`, `spacing of pins vertically in pins per inch`}
	DotHorzSpacing         = &Cap{`spinh`, `dot_horz_spacing`, `spacing of dots horizontally in dots per inch`}
	MaxMicroAddress        = &Cap{`maddr`, `max_micro_address`, `maximum value in micro_..._address`}
	MaxMicroJump           = &Cap{`mjump`, `max_micro_jump`, `maximum value in parm_..._micro`}
	MicroColSize           = &Cap{`mcs`, `micro_col_size`, `character step size when in micro mode`}
	MicroLineSize          = &Cap{`mls`, `micro_line_size`, `line step size when in micro mode`}
	NumberOfPins           = &Cap{`npins`, `number_of_pins`, `numbers of pins in print-head`}
	OutputResChar          = &Cap{`orc`, `output_res_char`, `horizontal resolution in units per line`}
	OutputResLine          = &Cap{`orl`, `output_res_line`, `vertical resolution in units per line`}
	OutputResHorzInch      = &Cap{`orhi`, `output_res_horz_inch`, `horizontal resolution in units per inch`}
	OutputResVertInch      = &Cap{`orvi`, `output_res_vert_inch`, `vertical resolution in units per inch`}
	PrintRate              = &Cap{`cps`, `print_rate`, `print rate in characters per second`}
	WideCharSize           = &Cap{`widcs`, `wide_char_size`, `character step size when in double wide mode`}
	Buttons                = &Cap{`btns`, `buttons`, `number of buttons on mouse`}
	BitImageEntwining      = &Cap{`bitwin`, `bit_image_entwining`, `number of passes for each bit-image row`}
	BitImageType           = &Cap{`bitype`, `bit_image_type`, `type of bit-image device`}
	BackTab                = &Cap{`cbt`, `back_tab`, `back tab (P)`}
	Bell                   = &Cap{`bel`, `bell`, `audible signal (bell) (P)`}
	CarriageReturn         = &Cap{`cr`, `carriage_return`, `carriage return (P*) (P*)`}
	ChangeScrollRegion     = &Cap{`csr`, `change_scroll_region`, `change region to line #1 to line #2 (P)`}
	ClearAllTabs           = &Cap{`tbc`, `clear_all_tabs`, `clear all tab stops (P)`}
	ClearScreen            = &Cap{`clear`, `clear_screen`, `clear screen and home cursor (P*)`}
	ClrEol                 = &Cap{`el`, `clr_eol`, `clear to end of line (P)`}
	ClrEos                 = &Cap{`ed`, `clr_eos`, `clear to end of screen (P*)`}
	ColumnAddress          = &Cap{`hpa`, `column_address`, `horizontal position #1, absolute (P)`}
	CommandCharacter       = &Cap{`cmdch`, `command_character`, `terminal settable cmd character in prototype !?`}
	CursorAddress          = &Cap{`cup`, `cursor_address`, `move to row #1 columns #2`}
	CursorDown             = &Cap{`cud1`, `cursor_down`, `down one line`}
	CursorHome             = &Cap{`home`, `cursor_home`, `home cursor (if no cup)`}
	CursorInvisible        = &Cap{`civis`, `cursor_invisible`, `make cursor invisible`}
	CursorLeft             = &Cap{`cub1`, `cursor_left`, `move left one space`}
	CursorMemAddress       = &Cap{`mrcup`, `cursor_mem_address`, `memory relative cursor addressing, move to row #1 columns #2`}
	CursorNormal           = &Cap{`cnorm`, `cursor_normal`, `make cursor appear normal (undo civis/cvvis)`}
	CursorRight            = &Cap{`cuf1`, `cursor_right`, `non-destructive space (move right one space)`}
	CursorToLl             = &Cap{`ll`, `cursor_to_ll`, `last line, first column (if no cup)`}
	CursorUp               = &Cap{`cuu1`, `cursor_up`, `up one line`}
	CursorVisible          = &Cap{`cvvis`, `cursor_visible`, `make cursor very visible`}
	DeleteCharacter        = &Cap{`dch1`, `delete_character`, `delete character (P*)`}
	DeleteLine             = &Cap{`dl1`, `delete_line`, `delete line (P*)`}
	DisStatusLine          = &Cap{`dsl`, `dis_status_line`, `disable status line`}
	DownHalfLine           = &Cap{`hd`, `down_half_line`, `half a line down`}
	EnterAltCharsetMode    = &Cap{`smacs`, `enter_alt_charset_mode`, `start alternate character set (P)`}
	EnterBlinkMode         = &Cap{`blink`, `enter_blink_mode`, `turn on blinking`}
	EnterBoldMode          = &Cap{`bold`, `enter_bold_mode`, `turn on bold (extra bright) mode`}
	EnterCaMode            = &Cap{`smcup`, `enter_ca_mode`, `string to start programs using cup`}
	EnterDeleteMode        = &Cap{`smdc`, `enter_delete_mode`, `enter delete mode`}
	EnterDimMode           = &Cap{`dim`, `enter_dim_mode`, `turn on half-bright mode`}
	EnterInsertMode        = &Cap{`smir`, `enter_insert_mode`, `enter insert mode`}
	EnterSecureMode        = &Cap{`invis`, `enter_secure_mode`, `turn on blank mode (characters invisible)`}
	EnterProtectedMode     = &Cap{`prot`, `enter_protected_mode`, `turn on protected mode`}
	EnterReverseMode       = &Cap{`rev`, `enter_reverse_mode`, `turn on reverse video mode`}
	EnterStandoutMode      = &Cap{`smso`, `enter_standout_mode`, `begin standout mode`}
	EnterUnderlineMode     = &Cap{`smul`, `enter_underline_mode`, `begin underline mode`}
	EraseChars             = &Cap{`ech`, `erase_chars`, `erase #1 characters (P)`}
	ExitAltCharsetMode     = &Cap{`rmacs`, `exit_alt_charset_mode`, `end alternate character set (P)`}
	ExitAttributeMode      = &Cap{`sgr0`, `exit_attribute_mode`, `turn off all attributes`}
	ExitCaMode             = &Cap{`rmcup`, `exit_ca_mode`, `strings to end programs using cup`}
	ExitDeleteMode         = &Cap{`rmdc`, `exit_delete_mode`, `end delete mode`}
	ExitInsertMode         = &Cap{`rmir`, `exit_insert_mode`, `exit insert mode`}
	ExitStandoutMode       = &Cap{`rmso`, `exit_standout_mode`, `exit standout mode`}
	ExitUnderlineMode      = &Cap{`rmul`, `exit_underline_mode`, `exit underline mode`}
	FlashScreen            = &Cap{`flash`, `flash_screen`, `visible bell (may not move cursor)`}
	FormFeed               = &Cap{`ff`, `form_feed`, `hardcopy terminal page eject (P*)`}
	FromStatusLine         = &Cap{`fsl`, `from_status_line`, `return from status line`}
	Init1string            = &Cap{`is1`, `init_1string`, `initialization string`}
	Init2string            = &Cap{`is2`, `init_2string`, `initialization string`}
	Init3string            = &Cap{`is3`, `init_3string`, `initialization string`}
	InitFile               = &Cap{`if`, `init_file`, `name of initialization file`}
	InsertCharacter        = &Cap{`ich1`, `insert_character`, `insert character (P)`}
	InsertLine             = &Cap{`il1`, `insert_line`, `insert line (P*)`}
	InsertPadding          = &Cap{`ip`, `insert_padding`, `insert padding after inserted character`}
	KeyBackspace           = &Cap{`kbs`, `key_backspace`, `backspace key`}
	KeyCatab               = &Cap{`ktbc`, `key_catab`, `clear-all-tabs key`}
	KeyClear               = &Cap{`kclr`, `key_clear`, `clear-screen or erase key`}
	KeyCtab                = &Cap{`kctab`, `key_ctab`, `clear-tab key`}
	KeyDc                  = &Cap{`kdch1`, `key_dc`, `delete-character key`}
	KeyDl                  = &Cap{`kdl1`, `key_dl`, `delete-line key`}
	KeyDown                = &Cap{`kcud1`, `key_down`, `down-arrow key`}
	KeyEic                 = &Cap{`krmir`, `key_eic`, `sent by rmir or smir in insert mode`}
	KeyEol                 = &Cap{`kel`, `key_eol`, `clear-to-end-of-line key`}
	KeyEos                 = &Cap{`ked`, `key_eos`, `clear-to-end-of-screen key`}
	KeyF0                  = &Cap{`kf0`, `key_f0`, `F0 function key`}
	KeyF1                  = &Cap{`kf1`, `key_f1`, `F1 function key`}
	KeyF10                 = &Cap{`kf10`, `key_f10`, `F10 function key`}
	KeyF2                  = &Cap{`kf2`, `key_f2`, `F2 function key`}
	KeyF3                  = &Cap{`kf3`, `key_f3`, `F3 function key`}
	KeyF4                  = &Cap{`kf4`, `key_f4`, `F4 function key`}
	KeyF5                  = &Cap{`kf5`, `key_f5`, `F5 function key`}
	KeyF6                  = &Cap{`kf6`, `key_f6`, `F6 function key`}
	KeyF7                  = &Cap{`kf7`, `key_f7`, `F7 function key`}
	KeyF8                  = &Cap{`kf8`, `key_f8`, `F8 function key`}
	KeyF9                  = &Cap{`kf9`, `key_f9`, `F9 function key`}
	KeyHome                = &Cap{`khome`, `key_home`, `home key`}
	KeyIc                  = &Cap{`kich1`, `key_ic`, `insert-character key`}
	KeyIl                  = &Cap{`kil1`, `key_il`, `insert-line key`}
	KeyLeft                = &Cap{`kcub1`, `key_left`, `left-arrow key`}
	KeyLl                  = &Cap{`kll`, `key_ll`, `lower-left key (home down)`}
	KeyNpage               = &Cap{`knp`, `key_npage`, `next-page key`}
	KeyPpage               = &Cap{`kpp`, `key_ppage`, `previous-page key`}
	KeyRight               = &Cap{`kcuf1`, `key_right`, `right-arrow key`}
	KeySf                  = &Cap{`kind`, `key_sf`, `scroll-forward key`}
	KeySr                  = &Cap{`kri`, `key_sr`, `scroll-backward key`}
	KeyStab                = &Cap{`khts`, `key_stab`, `set-tab key`}
	KeyUp                  = &Cap{`kcuu1`, `key_up`, `up-arrow key`}
	KeypadLocal            = &Cap{`rmkx`, `keypad_local`, `leave 'keyboard_transmit' mode`}
	KeypadXmit             = &Cap{`smkx`, `keypad_xmit`, `enter 'keyboard_transmit' mode`}
	LabF0                  = &Cap{`lf0`, `lab_f0`, `label on function key f0 if not f0`}
	LabF1                  = &Cap{`lf1`, `lab_f1`, `label on function key f1 if not f1`}
	LabF10                 = &Cap{`lf10`, `lab_f10`, `label on function key f10 if not f10`}
	LabF2                  = &Cap{`lf2`, `lab_f2`, `label on function key f2 if not f2`}
	LabF3                  = &Cap{`lf3`, `lab_f3`, `label on function key f3 if not f3`}
	LabF4                  = &Cap{`lf4`, `lab_f4`, `label on function key f4 if not f4`}
	LabF5                  = &Cap{`lf5`, `lab_f5`, `label on function key f5 if not f5`}
	LabF6                  = &Cap{`lf6`, `lab_f6`, `label on function key f6 if not f6`}
	LabF7                  = &Cap{`lf7`, `lab_f7`, `label on function key f7 if not f7`}
	LabF8                  = &Cap{`lf8`, `lab_f8`, `label on function key f8 if not f8`}
	LabF9                  = &Cap{`lf9`, `lab_f9`, `label on function key f9 if not f9`}
	MetaOff                = &Cap{`rmm`, `meta_off`, `turn off meta mode`}
	MetaOn                 = &Cap{`smm`, `meta_on`, `turn on meta mode (8th-bit on)`}
	Newline                = &Cap{`nel`, `newline`, `newline (behave like cr followed by lf)`}
	PadChar                = &Cap{`pad`, `pad_char`, `padding char (instead of null)`}
	ParmDch                = &Cap{`dch`, `parm_dch`, `delete #1 characters (P*)`}
	ParmDeleteLine         = &Cap{`dl`, `parm_delete_line`, `delete #1 lines (P*)`}
	ParmDownCursor         = &Cap{`cud`, `parm_down_cursor`, `down #1 lines (P*)`}
	ParmIch                = &Cap{`ich`, `parm_ich`, `insert #1 characters (P*)`}
	ParmIndex              = &Cap{`indn`, `parm_index`, `scroll forward #1 lines (P)`}
	ParmInsertLine         = &Cap{`il`, `parm_insert_line`, `insert #1 lines (P*)`}
	ParmLeftCursor         = &Cap{`cub`, `parm_left_cursor`, `move #1 characters to the left (P)`}
	ParmRightCursor        = &Cap{`cuf`, `parm_right_cursor`, `move #1 characters to the right (P*)`}
	ParmRindex             = &Cap{`rin`, `parm_rindex`, `scroll back #1 lines (P)`}
	ParmUpCursor           = &Cap{`cuu`, `parm_up_cursor`, `up #1 lines (P*)`}
	PkeyKey                = &Cap{`pfkey`, `pkey_key`, `program function key #1 to type string #2`}
	PkeyLocal              = &Cap{`pfloc`, `pkey_local`, `program function key #1 to execute string #2`}
	PkeyXmit               = &Cap{`pfx`, `pkey_xmit`, `program function key #1 to transmit string #2`}
	PrintScreen            = &Cap{`mc0`, `print_screen`, `print contents of screen`}
	PrtrOff                = &Cap{`mc4`, `prtr_off`, `turn off printer`}
	PrtrOn                 = &Cap{`mc5`, `prtr_on`, `turn on printer`}
	RepeatChar             = &Cap{`rep`, `repeat_char`, `repeat char #1 #2 times (P*)`}
	Reset1string           = &Cap{`rs1`, `reset_1string`, `reset string`}
	Reset2string           = &Cap{`rs2`, `reset_2string`, `reset string`}
	Reset3string           = &Cap{`rs3`, `reset_3string`, `reset string`}
	ResetFile              = &Cap{`rf`, `reset_file`, `name of reset file`}
	RestoreCursor          = &Cap{`rc`, `restore_cursor`, `restore cursor to position of last save_cursor`}
	RowAddress             = &Cap{`vpa`, `row_address`, `vertical position #1 absolute (P)`}
	SaveCursor             = &Cap{`sc`, `save_cursor`, `save current cursor position (P)`}
	ScrollForward          = &Cap{`ind`, `scroll_forward`, `scroll text up (P)`}
	ScrollReverse          = &Cap{`ri`, `scroll_reverse`, `scroll text down (P)`}
	SetAttributes          = &Cap{`sgr`, `set_attributes`, `define video attributes #1-#9 (PG9)`}
	SetTab                 = &Cap{`hts`, `set_tab`, `set a tab in every row, current columns`}
	SetWindow              = &Cap{`wind`, `set_window`, `current window is lines #1-#2 cols #3-#4`}
	Tab                    = &Cap{`ht`, `tab`, `tab to next 8-space hardware tab stop`}
	ToStatusLine           = &Cap{`tsl`, `to_status_line`, `move to status line, column #1`}
	UnderlineChar          = &Cap{`uc`, `underline_char`, `underline char and move past it`}
	UpHalfLine             = &Cap{`hu`, `up_half_line`, `half a line up`}
	InitProg               = &Cap{`iprog`, `init_prog`, `path name of program for initialization`}
	KeyA1                  = &Cap{`ka1`, `key_a1`, `upper left of keypad`}
	KeyA3                  = &Cap{`ka3`, `key_a3`, `upper right of keypad`}
	KeyB2                  = &Cap{`kb2`, `key_b2`, `center of keypad`}
	KeyC1                  = &Cap{`kc1`, `key_c1`, `lower left of keypad`}
	KeyC3                  = &Cap{`kc3`, `key_c3`, `lower right of keypad`}
	PrtrNon                = &Cap{`mc5p`, `prtr_non`, `turn on printer for #1 bytes`}
	CharPadding            = &Cap{`rmp`, `char_padding`, `like ip but when in insert mode`}
	AcsChars               = &Cap{`acsc`, `acs_chars`, `graphics charset pairs, based on vt100`}
	PlabNorm               = &Cap{`pln`, `plab_norm`, `program label #1 to show string #2`}
	KeyBtab                = &Cap{`kcbt`, `key_btab`, `back-tab key`}
	EnterXonMode           = &Cap{`smxon`, `enter_xon_mode`, `turn on xon/xoff handshaking`}
	ExitXonMode            = &Cap{`rmxon`, `exit_xon_mode`, `turn off xon/xoff handshaking`}
	EnterAmMode            = &Cap{`smam`, `enter_am_mode`, `turn on automatic margins`}
	ExitAmMode             = &Cap{`rmam`, `exit_am_mode`, `turn off automatic margins`}
	XonCharacter           = &Cap{`xonc`, `xon_character`, `XON character`}
	XoffCharacter          = &Cap{`xoffc`, `xoff_character`, `XOFF character`}
	EnaAcs                 = &Cap{`enacs`, `ena_acs`, `enable alternate char set`}
	LabelOn                = &Cap{`smln`, `label_on`, `turn on soft labels`}
	LabelOff               = &Cap{`rmln`, `label_off`, `turn off soft labels`}
	KeyBeg                 = &Cap{`kbeg`, `key_beg`, `begin key`}
	KeyCancel              = &Cap{`kcan`, `key_cancel`, `cancel key`}
	KeyClose               = &Cap{`kclo`, `key_close`, `close key`}
	KeyCommand             = &Cap{`kcmd`, `key_command`, `command key`}
	KeyCopy                = &Cap{`kcpy`, `key_copy`, `copy key`}
	KeyCreate              = &Cap{`kcrt`, `key_create`, `create key`}
	KeyEnd                 = &Cap{`kend`, `key_end`, `end key`}
	KeyEnter               = &Cap{`kent`, `key_enter`, `enter/send key`}
	KeyExit                = &Cap{`kext`, `key_exit`, `exit key`}
	KeyFind                = &Cap{`kfnd`, `key_find`, `find key`}
	KeyHelp                = &Cap{`khlp`, `key_help`, `help key`}
	KeyMark                = &Cap{`kmrk`, `key_mark`, `mark key`}
	KeyMessage             = &Cap{`kmsg`, `key_message`, `message key`}
	KeyMove                = &Cap{`kmov`, `key_move`, `move key`}
	KeyNext                = &Cap{`knxt`, `key_next`, `next key`}
	KeyOpen                = &Cap{`kopn`, `key_open`, `open key`}
	KeyOptions             = &Cap{`kopt`, `key_options`, `options key`}
	KeyPrevious            = &Cap{`kprv`, `key_previous`, `previous key`}
	KeyPrint               = &Cap{`kprt`, `key_print`, `print key`}
	KeyRedo                = &Cap{`krdo`, `key_redo`, `redo key`}
	KeyReference           = &Cap{`kref`, `key_reference`, `reference key`}
	KeyRefresh             = &Cap{`krfr`, `key_refresh`, `refresh key`}
	KeyReplace             = &Cap{`krpl`, `key_replace`, `replace key`}
	KeyRestart             = &Cap{`krst`, `key_restart`, `restart key`}
	KeyResume              = &Cap{`kres`, `key_resume`, `resume key`}
	KeySave                = &Cap{`ksav`, `key_save`, `save key`}
	KeySuspend             = &Cap{`kspd`, `key_suspend`, `suspend key`}
	KeyUndo                = &Cap{`kund`, `key_undo`, `undo key`}
	KeySbeg                = &Cap{`kBEG`, `key_sbeg`, `shifted begin key`}
	KeyScancel             = &Cap{`kCAN`, `key_scancel`, `shifted cancel key`}
	KeyScommand            = &Cap{`kCMD`, `key_scommand`, `shifted command key`}
	KeyScopy               = &Cap{`kCPY`, `key_scopy`, `shifted copy key`}
	KeyScreate             = &Cap{`kCRT`, `key_screate`, `shifted create key`}
	KeySdc                 = &Cap{`kDC`, `key_sdc`, `shifted delete-character key`}
	KeySdl                 = &Cap{`kDL`, `key_sdl`, `shifted delete-line key`}
	KeySelect              = &Cap{`kslt`, `key_select`, `select key`}
	KeySend                = &Cap{`kEND`, `key_send`, `shifted end key`}
	KeySeol                = &Cap{`kEOL`, `key_seol`, `shifted clear-to-end-of-line key`}
	KeySexit               = &Cap{`kEXT`, `key_sexit`, `shifted exit key`}
	KeySfind               = &Cap{`kFND`, `key_sfind`, `shifted find key`}
	KeyShelp               = &Cap{`kHLP`, `key_shelp`, `shifted help key`}
	KeyShome               = &Cap{`kHOM`, `key_shome`, `shifted home key`}
	KeySic                 = &Cap{`kIC`, `key_sic`, `shifted insert-character key`}
	KeySleft               = &Cap{`kLFT`, `key_sleft`, `shifted left-arrow key`}
	KeySmessage            = &Cap{`kMSG`, `key_smessage`, `shifted message key`}
	KeySmove               = &Cap{`kMOV`, `key_smove`, `shifted move key`}
	KeySnext               = &Cap{`kNXT`, `key_snext`, `shifted next key`}
	KeySoptions            = &Cap{`kOPT`, `key_soptions`, `shifted options key`}
	KeySprevious           = &Cap{`kPRV`, `key_sprevious`, `shifted previous key`}
	KeySprint              = &Cap{`kPRT`, `key_sprint`, `shifted print key`}
	KeySredo               = &Cap{`kRDO`, `key_sredo`, `shifted redo key`}
	KeySreplace            = &Cap{`kRPL`, `key_sreplace`, `shifted replace key`}
	KeySright              = &Cap{`kRIT`, `key_sright`, `shifted right-arrow key`}
	KeySrsume              = &Cap{`kRES`, `key_srsume`, `shifted resume key`}
	KeySsave               = &Cap{`kSAV`, `key_ssave`, `shifted save key`}
	KeySsuspend            = &Cap{`kSPD`, `key_ssuspend`, `shifted suspend key`}
	KeySundo               = &Cap{`kUND`, `key_sundo`, `shifted undo key`}
	ReqForInput            = &Cap{`rfi`, `req_for_input`, `send next input char (for ptys)`}
	KeyF11                 = &Cap{`kf11`, `key_f11`, `F11 function key`}
	KeyF12                 = &Cap{`kf12`, `key_f12`, `F12 function key`}
	KeyF13                 = &Cap{`kf13`, `key_f13`, `F13 function key`}
	KeyF14                 = &Cap{`kf14`, `key_f14`, `F14 function key`}
	KeyF15                 = &Cap{`kf15`, `key_f15`, `F15 function key`}
	KeyF16                 = &Cap{`kf16`, `key_f16`, `F16 function key`}
	KeyF17                 = &Cap{`kf17`, `key_f17`, `F17 function key`}
	KeyF18                 = &Cap{`kf18`, `key_f18`, `F18 function key`}
	KeyF19                 = &Cap{`kf19`, `key_f19`, `F19 function key`}
	KeyF20                 = &Cap{`kf20`, `key_f20`, `F20 function key`}
	KeyF21                 = &Cap{`kf21`, `key_f21`, `F21 function key`}
	KeyF22                 = &Cap{`kf22`, `key_f22`, `F22 function key`}
	KeyF23                 = &Cap{`kf23`, `key_f23`, `F23 function key`}
	KeyF24                 = &Cap{`kf24`, `key_f24`, `F24 function key`}
	KeyF25                 = &Cap{`kf25`, `key_f25`, `F25 function key`}
	KeyF26                 = &Cap{`kf26`, `key_f26`, `F26 function key`}
	KeyF27                 = &Cap{`kf27`, `key_f27`, `F27 function key`}
	KeyF28                 = &Cap{`kf28`, `key_f28`, `F28 function key`}
	KeyF29                 = &Cap{`kf29`, `key_f29`, `F29 function key`}
	KeyF30                 = &Cap{`kf30`, `key_f30`, `F30 function key`}
	KeyF31                 = &Cap{`kf31`, `key_f31`, `F31 function key`}
	KeyF32                 = &Cap{`kf32`, `key_f32`, `F32 function key`}
	KeyF33                 = &Cap{`kf33`, `key_f33`, `F33 function key`}
	KeyF34                 = &Cap{`kf34`, `key_f34`, `F34 function key`}
	KeyF35                 = &Cap{`kf35`, `key_f35`, `F35 function key`}
	KeyF36                 = &Cap{`kf36`, `key_f36`, `F36 function key`}
	KeyF37                 = &Cap{`kf37`, `key_f37`, `F37 function key`}
	KeyF38                 = &Cap{`kf38`, `key_f38`, `F38 function key`}
	KeyF39                 = &Cap{`kf39`, `key_f39`, `F39 function key`}
	KeyF40                 = &Cap{`kf40`, `key_f40`, `F40 function key`}
	KeyF41                 = &Cap{`kf41`, `key_f41`, `F41 function key`}
	KeyF42                 = &Cap{`kf42`, `key_f42`, `F42 function key`}
	KeyF43                 = &Cap{`kf43`, `key_f43`, `F43 function key`}
	KeyF44                 = &Cap{`kf44`, `key_f44`, `F44 function key`}
	KeyF45                 = &Cap{`kf45`, `key_f45`, `F45 function key`}
	KeyF46                 = &Cap{`kf46`, `key_f46`, `F46 function key`}
	KeyF47                 = &Cap{`kf47`, `key_f47`, `F47 function key`}
	KeyF48                 = &Cap{`kf48`, `key_f48`, `F48 function key`}
	KeyF49                 = &Cap{`kf49`, `key_f49`, `F49 function key`}
	KeyF50                 = &Cap{`kf50`, `key_f50`, `F50 function key`}
	KeyF51                 = &Cap{`kf51`, `key_f51`, `F51 function key`}
	KeyF52                 = &Cap{`kf52`, `key_f52`, `F52 function key`}
	KeyF53                 = &Cap{`kf53`, `key_f53`, `F53 function key`}
	KeyF54                 = &Cap{`kf54`, `key_f54`, `F54 function key`}
	KeyF55                 = &Cap{`kf55`, `key_f55`, `F55 function key`}
	KeyF56                 = &Cap{`kf56`, `key_f56`, `F56 function key`}
	KeyF57                 = &Cap{`kf57`, `key_f57`, `F57 function key`}
	KeyF58                 = &Cap{`kf58`, `key_f58`, `F58 function key`}
	KeyF59                 = &Cap{`kf59`, `key_f59`, `F59 function key`}
	KeyF60                 = &Cap{`kf60`, `key_f60`, `F60 function key`}
	KeyF61                 = &Cap{`kf61`, `key_f61`, `F61 function key`}
	KeyF62                 = &Cap{`kf62`, `key_f62`, `F62 function key`}
	KeyF63                 = &Cap{`kf63`, `key_f63`, `F63 function key`}
	ClrBol                 = &Cap{`el1`, `clr_bol`, `Clear to beginning of line`}
	ClearMargins           = &Cap{`mgc`, `clear_margins`, `clear right and left soft margins`}
	SetLeftMargin          = &Cap{`smgl`, `set_left_margin`, `set left soft margin at current column. (ML is not in BSD termcap).`}
	SetRightMargin         = &Cap{`smgr`, `set_right_margin`, `set right soft margin at current column`}
	LabelFormat            = &Cap{`fln`, `label_format`, `label format`}
	SetClock               = &Cap{`sclk`, `set_clock`, `set clock, #1 hrs #2 mins #3 secs`}
	DisplayClock           = &Cap{`dclk`, `display_clock`, `display clock`}
	RemoveClock            = &Cap{`rmclk`, `remove_clock`, `remove clock`}
	CreateWindow           = &Cap{`cwin`, `create_window`, `define a window #1 from #2,#3 to #4,#5`}
	GotoWindow             = &Cap{`wingo`, `goto_window`, `go to window #1`}
	Hangup                 = &Cap{`hup`, `hangup`, `hang-up phone`}
	DialPhone              = &Cap{`dial`, `dial_phone`, `dial number #1`}
	QuickDial              = &Cap{`qdial`, `quick_dial`, `dial number #1 without checking`}
	Tone                   = &Cap{`tone`, `tone`, `select touch tone dialing`}
	Pulse                  = &Cap{`pulse`, `pulse`, `select pulse dialing`}
	FlashHook              = &Cap{`hook`, `flash_hook`, `flash switch hook`}
	FixedPause             = &Cap{`pause`, `fixed_pause`, `pause for 2-3 seconds`}
	WaitTone               = &Cap{`wait`, `wait_tone`, `wait for dial-tone`}
	User0                  = &Cap{`u0`, `user0`, `User string #0`}
	User1                  = &Cap{`u1`, `user1`, `User string #1`}
	User2                  = &Cap{`u2`, `user2`, `User string #2`}
	User3                  = &Cap{`u3`, `user3`, `User string #3`}
	User4                  = &Cap{`u4`, `user4`, `User string #4`}
	User5                  = &Cap{`u5`, `user5`, `User string #5`}
	User6                  = &Cap{`u6`, `user6`, `User string #6`}
	User7                  = &Cap{`u7`, `user7`, `User string #7`}
	User8                  = &Cap{`u8`, `user8`, `User string #8`}
	User9                  = &Cap{`u9`, `user9`, `User string #9`}
	OrigPair               = &Cap{`op`, `orig_pair`, `Set default pair to its original value`}
	OrigColors             = &Cap{`oc`, `orig_colors`, `Set all color pairs to the original ones`}
	InitializeColor        = &Cap{`initc`, `initialize_color`, `initialize color #1 to (#2,#3,#4)`}
	InitializePair         = &Cap{`initp`, `initialize_pair`, `Initialize color pair #1 to fg=(#2,#3,#4), bg=(#5,#6,#7)`}
	SetColorPair           = &Cap{`scp`, `set_color_pair`, `Set current color pair to #1`}
	SetForeground          = &Cap{`setf`, `set_foreground`, `Set foreground color #1`}
	SetBackground          = &Cap{`setb`, `set_background`, `Set background color #1`}
	ChangeCharPitch        = &Cap{`cpi`, `change_char_pitch`, `Change number of characters per inch to #1`}
	ChangeLinePitch        = &Cap{`lpi`, `change_line_pitch`, `Change number of lines per inch to #1`}
	ChangeResHorz          = &Cap{`chr`, `change_res_horz`, `Change horizontal resolution to #1`}
	ChangeResVert          = &Cap{`cvr`, `change_res_vert`, `Change vertical resolution to #1`}
	DefineChar             = &Cap{`defc`, `define_char`, `Define a character #1, #2 dots wide, descender #3`}
	EnterDoublewideMode    = &Cap{`swidm`, `enter_doublewide_mode`, `Enter double-wide mode`}
	EnterDraftQuality      = &Cap{`sdrfq`, `enter_draft_quality`, `Enter draft-quality mode`}
	EnterItalicsMode       = &Cap{`sitm`, `enter_italics_mode`, `Enter italic mode`}
	EnterLeftwardMode      = &Cap{`slm`, `enter_leftward_mode`, `Start leftward carriage motion`}
	EnterMicroMode         = &Cap{`smicm`, `enter_micro_mode`, `Start micro-motion mode`}
	EnterNearLetterQuality = &Cap{`snlq`, `enter_near_letter_quality`, `Enter NLQ mode`}
	EnterNormalQuality     = &Cap{`snrmq`, `enter_normal_quality`, `Enter normal-quality mode`}
	EnterShadowMode        = &Cap{`sshm`, `enter_shadow_mode`, `Enter shadow-print mode`}
	EnterSubscriptMode     = &Cap{`ssubm`, `enter_subscript_mode`, `Enter subscript mode`}
	EnterSuperscriptMode   = &Cap{`ssupm`, `enter_superscript_mode`, `Enter superscript mode`}
	EnterUpwardMode        = &Cap{`sum`, `enter_upward_mode`, `Start upward carriage motion`}
	ExitDoublewideMode     = &Cap{`rwidm`, `exit_doublewide_mode`, `End double-wide mode`}
	ExitItalicsMode        = &Cap{`ritm`, `exit_italics_mode`, `End italic mode`}
	ExitLeftwardMode       = &Cap{`rlm`, `exit_leftward_mode`, `End left-motion mode`}
	ExitMicroMode          = &Cap{`rmicm`, `exit_micro_mode`, `End micro-motion mode`}
	ExitShadowMode         = &Cap{`rshm`, `exit_shadow_mode`, `End shadow-print mode`}
	ExitSubscriptMode      = &Cap{`rsubm`, `exit_subscript_mode`, `End subscript mode`}
	ExitSuperscriptMode    = &Cap{`rsupm`, `exit_superscript_mode`, `End superscript mode`}
	ExitUpwardMode         = &Cap{`rum`, `exit_upward_mode`, `End reverse character motion`}
	MicroColumnAddress     = &Cap{`mhpa`, `micro_column_address`, `Like column_address in micro mode`}
	MicroDown              = &Cap{`mcud1`, `micro_down`, `Like cursor_down in micro mode`}
	MicroLeft              = &Cap{`mcub1`, `micro_left`, `Like cursor_left in micro mode`}
	MicroRight             = &Cap{`mcuf1`, `micro_right`, `Like cursor_right in micro mode`}
	MicroRowAddress        = &Cap{`mvpa`, `micro_row_address`, `Like row_address #1 in micro mode`}
	MicroUp                = &Cap{`mcuu1`, `micro_up`, `Like cursor_up in micro mode`}
	OrderOfPins            = &Cap{`porder`, `order_of_pins`, `Match software bits to print-head pins`}
	ParmDownMicro          = &Cap{`mcud`, `parm_down_micro`, `Like parm_down_cursor in micro mode`}
	ParmLeftMicro          = &Cap{`mcub`, `parm_left_micro`, `Like parm_left_cursor in micro mode`}
	ParmRightMicro         = &Cap{`mcuf`, `parm_right_micro`, `Like parm_right_cursor in micro mode`}
	ParmUpMicro            = &Cap{`mcuu`, `parm_up_micro`, `Like parm_up_cursor in micro mode`}
	SelectCharSet          = &Cap{`scs`, `select_char_set`, `Select character set, #1`}
	SetBottomMargin        = &Cap{`smgb`, `set_bottom_margin`, `Set bottom margin at current line`}
	SetBottomMarginParm    = &Cap{`smgbp`, `set_bottom_margin_parm`, `Set bottom margin at line #1 or (if smgtp is not given) #2 lines from bottom`}
	SetLeftMarginParm      = &Cap{`smglp`, `set_left_margin_parm`, `Set left (right) margin at column #1`}
	SetRightMarginParm     = &Cap{`smgrp`, `set_right_margin_parm`, `Set right margin at column #1`}
	SetTopMargin           = &Cap{`smgt`, `set_top_margin`, `Set top margin at current line`}
	SetTopMarginParm       = &Cap{`smgtp`, `set_top_margin_parm`, `Set top (bottom) margin at row #1`}
	StartBitImage          = &Cap{`sbim`, `start_bit_image`, `Start printing bit image graphics`}
	StartCharSetDef        = &Cap{`scsd`, `start_char_set_def`, `Start character set definition #1, with #2 characters in the set`}
	StopBitImage           = &Cap{`rbim`, `stop_bit_image`, `Stop printing bit image graphics`}
	StopCharSetDef         = &Cap{`rcsd`, `stop_char_set_def`, `End definition of character set #1`}
	SubscriptCharacters    = &Cap{`subcs`, `subscript_characters`, `List of subscriptable characters`}
	SuperscriptCharacters  = &Cap{`supcs`, `superscript_characters`, `List of superscriptable characters`}
	TheseCauseCr           = &Cap{`docr`, `these_cause_cr`, `Printing any of these characters causes CR`}
	ZeroMotion             = &Cap{`zerom`, `zero_motion`, `No motion for subsequent character`}
	CharSetNames           = &Cap{`csnm`, `char_set_names`, `Produce #1'th item from list of character set names`}
	KeyMouse               = &Cap{`kmous`, `key_mouse`, `Mouse event has occurred`}
	MouseInfo              = &Cap{`minfo`, `mouse_info`, `Mouse status information`}
	ReqMousePos            = &Cap{`reqmp`, `req_mouse_pos`, `Request mouse position`}
	GetMouse               = &Cap{`getm`, `get_mouse`, `Curses should get button events, parameter #1 not documented.`}
	SetAForeground         = &Cap{`setaf`, `set_a_foreground`, `Set foreground color to #1, using ANSI escape`}
	SetABackground         = &Cap{`setab`, `set_a_background`, `Set background color to #1, using ANSI escape`}
	PkeyPlab               = &Cap{`pfxl`, `pkey_plab`, `Program function key #1 to type string #2 and show string #3`}
	DeviceType             = &Cap{`devt`, `device_type`, `Indicate language/codeset support`}
	CodeSetInit            = &Cap{`csin`, `code_set_init`, `Init sequence for multiple codesets`}
	Set0DesSeq             = &Cap{`s0ds`, `set0_des_seq`, `Shift to codeset 0 (EUC set 0, ASCII)`}
	Set1DesSeq             = &Cap{`s1ds`, `set1_des_seq`, `Shift to codeset 1`}
	Set2DesSeq             = &Cap{`s2ds`, `set2_des_seq`, `Shift to codeset 2`}
	Set3DesSeq             = &Cap{`s3ds`, `set3_des_seq`, `Shift to codeset 3`}
	SetLrMargin            = &Cap{`smglr`, `set_lr_margin`, `Set both left and right margins to #1, #2. (ML is not in BSD termcap).`}
	SetTbMargin            = &Cap{`smgtb`, `set_tb_margin`, `Sets both top and bottom margins to #1, #2`}
	BitImageRepeat         = &Cap{`birep`, `bit_image_repeat`, `Repeat bit image cell #1 #2 times`}
	BitImageNewline        = &Cap{`binel`, `bit_image_newline`, `Move to next row of the bit image`}
	BitImageCarriageReturn = &Cap{`bicr`, `bit_image_carriage_return`, `Move to beginning of same row`}
	ColorNames             = &Cap{`colornm`, `color_names`, `Give name for color #1`}
	DefineBitImageRegion   = &Cap{`defbi`, `define_bit_image_region`, `Define rectangular bit image region`}
	EndBitImageRegion      = &Cap{`endbi`, `end_bit_image_region`, `End a bit-image region`}
	SetColorBand           = &Cap{`setcolor`, `set_color_band`, `Change to ribbon color #1`}
	SetPageLength          = &Cap{`slines`, `set_page_length`, `Set page length to #1 lines`}
	DisplayPcChar          = &Cap{`dispc`, `display_pc_char`, `Display PC character #1`}
	EnterPcCharsetMode     = &Cap{`smpch`, `enter_pc_charset_mode`, `Enter PC character display mode`}
	ExitPcCharsetMode      = &Cap{`rmpch`, `exit_pc_charset_mode`, `Exit PC character display mode`}
	EnterScancodeMode      = &Cap{`smsc`, `enter_scancode_mode`, `Enter PC scancode mode`}
	ExitScancodeMode       = &Cap{`rmsc`, `exit_scancode_mode`, `Exit PC scancode mode`}
	PcTermOptions          = &Cap{`pctrm`, `pc_term_options`, `PC terminal options`}
	ScancodeEscape         = &Cap{`scesc`, `scancode_escape`, `Escape for scancode emulation`}
	AltScancodeEsc         = &Cap{`scesa`, `alt_scancode_esc`, `Alternate escape for scancode emulation`}
	EnterHorizontalHlMode  = &Cap{`ehhlm`, `enter_horizontal_hl_mode`, `Enter horizontal highlight mode`}
	EnterLeftHlMode        = &Cap{`elhlm`, `enter_left_hl_mode`, `Enter left highlight mode`}
	EnterLowHlMode         = &Cap{`elohlm`, `enter_low_hl_mode`, `Enter low highlight mode`}
	EnterRightHlMode       = &Cap{`erhlm`, `enter_right_hl_mode`, `Enter right highlight mode`}
	EnterTopHlMode         = &Cap{`ethlm`, `enter_top_hl_mode`, `Enter top highlight mode`}
	EnterVerticalHlMode    = &Cap{`evhlm`, `enter_vertical_hl_mode`, `Enter vertical highlight mode`}
	SetAAttributes         = &Cap{`sgr1`, `set_a_attributes`, `Define second set of video attributes #1-#6`}
	SetPglenInch           = &Cap{`slength`, `set_pglen_inch`, `Set page length to #1 hundredth of an inch (some implementations use sL for termcap).`}
	TermcapInit2           = &Cap{`OTi2`, `termcap_init2`, `secondary initialization string`}
	TermcapReset           = &Cap{`OTrs`, `termcap_reset`, `terminal reset string`}
	MagicCookieGlitchUl    = &Cap{`OTug`, `magic_cookie_glitch_ul`, `number of blanks left by ul`}
	BackspacesWithBs       = &Cap{`OTbs`, `backspaces_with_bs`, `uses ^H to move left`}
	CrtNoScrolling         = &Cap{`OTns`, `crt_no_scrolling`, `crt cannot scroll`}
	NoCorrectlyWorkingCr   = &Cap{`OTnc`, `no_correctly_working_cr`, `no way to go to start of line`}
	CarriageReturnDelay    = &Cap{`OTdC`, `carriage_return_delay`, `pad needed for CR`}
	NewLineDelay           = &Cap{`OTdN`, `new_line_delay`, `pad needed for LF`}
	LinefeedIfNotLf        = &Cap{`OTnl`, `linefeed_if_not_lf`, `use to move down`}
	BackspaceIfNotBs       = &Cap{`OTbc`, `backspace_if_not_bs`, `move left, if not ^H`}
	GnuHasMetaKey          = &Cap{`OTMT`, `gnu_has_meta_key`, `has meta key`}
	LinefeedIsNewline      = &Cap{`OTNL`, `linefeed_is_newline`, `move down with \n`}
	BackspaceDelay         = &Cap{`OTdB`, `backspace_delay`, `padding required for ^H`}
	HorizontalTabDelay     = &Cap{`OTdT`, `horizontal_tab_delay`, `padding required for ^I`}
	NumberOfFunctionKeys   = &Cap{`OTkn`, `number_of_function_keys`, `count of function keys`}
	OtherNonFunctionKeys   = &Cap{`OTko`, `other_non_function_keys`, `list of self-mapped keycaps`}
	ArrowKeyMap            = &Cap{`OTma`, `arrow_key_map`, `map motion-keys for vi version 2`}
	HasHardwareTabs        = &Cap{`OTpt`, `has_hardware_tabs`, `has 8-char tabs invoked with ^I`}
	ReturnDoesClrEol       = &Cap{`OTxr`, `return_does_clr_eol`, `return clears the line`}
	AcsUlcorner            = &Cap{`OTG2`, `acs_ulcorner`, `single upper left`}
	AcsLlcorner            = &Cap{`OTG3`, `acs_llcorner`, `single lower left`}
	AcsUrcorner            = &Cap{`OTG1`, `acs_urcorner`, `single upper right`}
	AcsLrcorner            = &Cap{`OTG4`, `acs_lrcorner`, `single lower right`}
	AcsLtee                = &Cap{`OTGR`, `acs_ltee`, `tee pointing right`}
	AcsRtee                = &Cap{`OTGL`, `acs_rtee`, `tee pointing left`}
	AcsBtee                = &Cap{`OTGU`, `acs_btee`, `tee pointing up`}
	AcsTtee                = &Cap{`OTGD`, `acs_ttee`, `tee pointing down`}
	AcsHline               = &Cap{`OTGH`, `acs_hline`, `single horizontal line`}
	AcsVline               = &Cap{`OTGV`, `acs_vline`, `single vertical line`}
	AcsPlus                = &Cap{`OTGC`, `acs_plus`, `single intersection`}
	MemoryLock             = &Cap{`meml`, `memory_lock`, `lock memory above cursor`}
	MemoryUnlock           = &Cap{`memu`, `memory_unlock`, `unlock memory`}
	BoxChars1              = &Cap{`box1`, `box_chars_1`, `box characters primary set`}

	// Extentions
	CO     = &Cap{`CO`, `userdef`, `number of indexed colors overlaying RGB space (ncurses)`}
	E3     = &Cap{`E3`, `userdef`, `clears the terminal's scrollback buffer. (ncurses)`}
	NQ     = &Cap{`NQ`, `userdef`, `terminal does not support query/response (ncurses)`}
	RGB    = &Cap{`RGB`, `userdef`, `use direct colors with 1/3 of color-pair bits per color. (ncurses)`}
	TS     = &Cap{`TS`, `userdef`, `like "tsl", but uses no parameter. (ncurses)`}
	U8     = &Cap{`U8`, `userdef`, `terminal does/does not support VT100 SI/SO when processing UTF-8 encoding. (ncurses)`}
	XM     = &Cap{`XM`, `userdef`, `initialize alternate xterm mouse mode (ncurses)`}
	Grbom  = &Cap{`grbom`, `userdef`, `disable real bold (not intensity bright) mode. (ncurses)`}
	Gsbom  = &Cap{`gsbom`, `userdef`, `enable real bold (not intensity bright) mode. (ncurses)`}
	Xm     = &Cap{`xm`, `userdef`, `mouse response, no parameters (ncurses)`}
	Rmol   = &Cap{`Rmol`, `userdef`, `remove overline-mode (mintty)`}
	Smol   = &Cap{`Smol`, `userdef`, `set overline-mode (mintty)`}
	Blink2 = &Cap{`blink2`, `userdef`, `turn on rapid blinking (mintty)`}
	Norm   = &Cap{`norm`, `userdef`, `turn off bold and half-bright mode (mintty)`}
	Opaq   = &Cap{`opaq`, `userdef`, `turn off blank mode (mintty)`}
	Setal  = &Cap{`setal`, `userdef`, `set underline-color (mintty)`}
	Smul2  = &Cap{`smul2`, `userdef`, `begin double underline mode (mintty)`}
	AN     = &Cap{`AN`, `userdef`, `turn on autonuke. (screen)`}
	AX     = &Cap{`AX`, `userdef`, `understands ANSI set default fg/bg color (\E[39m / \E[49m). (screen)`}
	C0     = &Cap{`C0`, `userdef`, `use the string as a conversion table for font '0', like acsc. (screen)`}
	C8     = &Cap{`C8`, `userdef`, `terminal shows bold as high-intensity colors. (screen)`}
	CE     = &Cap{`CE`, `userdef`, `switch cursor-keys back to normal mode. (screen)`}
	CS     = &Cap{`CS`, `userdef`, `switch cursor-keys to application mode. (screen)`}
	E0     = &Cap{`E0`, `userdef`, `switch charset 'G0' back to standard charset. Default is '\E(B'. (screen)`}
	G0     = &Cap{`G0`, `userdef`, `terminal can deal with ISO 2022 font selection sequences. (screen)`}
	KJ     = &Cap{`KJ`, `userdef`, `set the encoding of the terminal. (screen)`}
	OL     = &Cap{`OL`, `userdef`, `set the screen program's output buffer limit. (screen)`}
	S0     = &Cap{`S0`, `userdef`, `switch charset 'G0' to the specified charset. Default is '\E(%.'. (screen)`}
	TF     = &Cap{`TF`, `userdef`, `add missing capabilities to screen's termcap/info entry. (Set by default). (screen)`}
	WS     = &Cap{`WS`, `userdef`, `resize display. This capability has the desired width and height as arguments. SunView(tm) example: '\E[8;%d;%dt'. (screen)`}
	XC     = &Cap{`XC`, `userdef`, `describe a translation of characters to strings depending on the current font. (screen)`}
	XT     = &Cap{`XT`, `userdef`, `terminal understands special xterm sequences (OSC, mouse tracking). (screen)`}
	Z0     = &Cap{`Z0`, `userdef`, `change width to 132 columns. (screen)`}
	Z1     = &Cap{`Z1`, `userdef`, `change width to 80 columns. (screen)`}
	Cr     = &Cap{`Cr`, `userdef`, `restore the default cursor color. (tmux)`}
	Cs     = &Cap{`Cs`, `userdef`, `set the cursor color. (tmux)`}
	Csr    = &Cap{`Csr`, `userdef`, `change the cursor style, overriding Ss. (tmux)`}
	Ms     = &Cap{`Ms`, `userdef`, `store the current buffer in the host terminal's selection (clipboard). (tmux)`}
	Se     = &Cap{`Se`, `userdef`, `reset the cursor style to the terminal initial state. (tmux)`}
	Smulx  = &Cap{`Smulx`, `userdef`, `modify the appearance of underlines in VTE. (tmux)`}
	Ss     = &Cap{`Ss`, `userdef`, `change the cursor style. (tmux)`}
	Rmxx   = &Cap{`rmxx`, `userdef`, `reset ECMA-48 strikeout/crossed-out attributes. (tmux)`}
	Smxx   = &Cap{`smxx`, `userdef`, `set ECMA-48 strikeout/crossed-out attributes. (tmux)`}
	Csl    = &Cap{`csl`, `userdef`, `clear status line (xterm)`}
	KDC3   = &Cap{`kDC3`, `userdef`, `alt delete-character (xterm)`}
	KDC4   = &Cap{`kDC4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt delete-character (xterm)`}
	KDC5   = &Cap{`kDC5`, `userdef`, `control delete-character (xterm)`}
	KDC6   = &Cap{`kDC6`, `userdef`, `shift+control delete-character (xterm)`}
	KDC7   = &Cap{`kDC7`, `userdef`, `alt+control delete-character (xterm)`}
	KDN    = &Cap{`kDN`, `userdef`, `shift down-cursor (xterm)`}
	KDN3   = &Cap{`kDN3`, `userdef`, `alt down-cursor (xterm)`}
	KDN4   = &Cap{`kDN4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt down-cursor (xterm)`}
	KDN5   = &Cap{`kDN5`, `userdef`, `control down-cursor (xterm)`}
	KDN6   = &Cap{`kDN6`, `userdef`, `shift+control down-cursor (xterm)`}
	KDN7   = &Cap{`kDN7`, `userdef`, `alt+control down-cursor (xterm)`}
	KEND3  = &Cap{`kEND3`, `userdef`, `alt end (xterm)`}
	KEND4  = &Cap{`kEND4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt end (xterm)`}
	KEND5  = &Cap{`kEND5`, `userdef`, `control end (xterm)`}
	KEND6  = &Cap{`kEND6`, `userdef`, `shift+control end (xterm)`}
	KEND7  = &Cap{`kEND7`, `userdef`, `alt+control end (xterm)`}
	KHOM3  = &Cap{`kHOM3`, `userdef`, `alt home (xterm)`}
	KHOM4  = &Cap{`kHOM4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt home (xterm)`}
	KHOM5  = &Cap{`kHOM5`, `userdef`, `control home (xterm)`}
	KHOM6  = &Cap{`kHOM6`, `userdef`, `shift+control home (xterm)`}
	KHOM7  = &Cap{`kHOM7`, `userdef`, `alt+control home (xterm)`}
	KIC3   = &Cap{`kIC3`, `userdef`, `alt insert-character (xterm)`}
	KIC4   = &Cap{`kIC4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt insert-character (xterm)`}
	KIC5   = &Cap{`kIC5`, `userdef`, `control insert-character (xterm)`}
	KIC6   = &Cap{`kIC6`, `userdef`, `shift+control insert-character (xterm)`}
	KIC7   = &Cap{`kIC7`, `userdef`, `alt+control insert-character (xterm)`}
	KLFT3  = &Cap{`kLFT3`, `userdef`, `alt left-cursor (xterm)`}
	KLFT4  = &Cap{`kLFT4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt left-cursor (xterm)`}
	KLFT5  = &Cap{`kLFT5`, `userdef`, `control left-cursor (xterm)`}
	KLFT6  = &Cap{`kLFT6`, `userdef`, `shift+control left-cursor (xterm)`}
	KLFT7  = &Cap{`kLFT7`, `userdef`, `alt+control left-cursor (xterm)`}
	KNXT3  = &Cap{`kNXT3`, `userdef`, `alt next (xterm)`}
	KNXT4  = &Cap{`kNXT4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt next (xterm)`}
	KNXT5  = &Cap{`kNXT5`, `userdef`, `control next (xterm)`}
	KNXT6  = &Cap{`kNXT6`, `userdef`, `shift+control next (xterm)`}
	KNXT7  = &Cap{`kNXT7`, `userdef`, `alt+control next (xterm)`}
	KPRV3  = &Cap{`kPRV3`, `userdef`, `alt previous (xterm)`}
	KPRV4  = &Cap{`kPRV4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt previous (xterm)`}
	KPRV5  = &Cap{`kPRV5`, `userdef`, `control previous (xterm)`}
	KPRV6  = &Cap{`kPRV6`, `userdef`, `shift+control previous (xterm)`}
	KPRV7  = &Cap{`kPRV7`, `userdef`, `alt+control previous (xterm)`}
	KRIT3  = &Cap{`kRIT3`, `userdef`, `alt right-cursor (xterm)`}
	KRIT4  = &Cap{`kRIT4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt right-cursor (xterm)`}
	KRIT5  = &Cap{`kRIT5`, `userdef`, `control right-cursor (xterm)`}
	KRIT6  = &Cap{`kRIT6`, `userdef`, `shift+control right-cursor (xterm)`}
	KRIT7  = &Cap{`kRIT7`, `userdef`, `alt+control right-cursor (xterm)`}
	KUP    = &Cap{`kUP`, `userdef`, `shift up-cursor (xterm)`}
	KUP3   = &Cap{`kUP3`, `userdef`, `alt up-cursor (xterm)`}
	KUP4   = &Cap{`kUP4`, `userdef`, `shift+alt up-cursor (xterm)`}
	KUP5   = &Cap{`kUP5`, `userdef`, `control up-cursor (xterm)`}
	KUP6   = &Cap{`kUP6`, `userdef`, `shift+control up-cursor (xterm)`}
	KUP7   = &Cap{`kUP7`, `userdef`, `alt+control up-cursor (xterm)`}
	Ka2    = &Cap{`ka2`, `userdef`, `vt220-keypad extensions (xterm)`}
	Kb1    = &Cap{`kb1`, `userdef`, `vt220-keypad extensions (xterm)`}
	Kb3    = &Cap{`kb3`, `userdef`, `vt220-keypad extensions (xterm)`}
	Kc2    = &Cap{`kc2`, `userdef`, `vt220-keypad extensions (xterm)`}
var TableBools = []*Cap{

var TableNums = []*Cap{

var TableStrs = []*Cap{ /* 512 elements not displayed */



type Cap

type Cap struct {
	Short string // Short terminfo name
	Long  string // Longer variable name from term.h
	Desc  string // Description from terminfo(5)

Cap represents a capability as listed in a terminfo file.

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