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package isbot

import ""

Package isbot attempts to detect HTTP bots.

A "bot" is defined as any request that isn't a regular browser request initiated by the user. This includes things like web crawlers, but also stuff like "preview" renderers and the like.



const (
	NoBotKnown   = 0 // Known to not be a bot.
	NoBotNoMatch = 1 // None of the rules matches, so probably not a bot.

Not bots.

const (
	BotPrefetch      = 2 // Prefetch algorithm
	BotLink          = 3 // User-Agent contained an URL.
	BotClientLibrary = 4 // Known client library.
	BotKnownBot      = 5 // Known bot.
	BotBoty          = 6 // User-Agent string looks "boty".
	BotShort         = 7 // User-Agent is short of strangely formatted.

Bots identified by User-Agent.

const (
	BotRangeAWS          = 8  // AWS cloud
	BotRangeDigitalOcean = 9  // Digital Ocean
	BotRangeServersCom   = 10 //
	BotRangeGoogleCloud  = 11 // Google Cloud
	BotRangeHetzner      = 12 //

Bots identified by IP.

const (
	BotJSPhanton   = 150 // Phantom headless browser.
	BotJSNightmare = 151 // Nightmare headless browser.
	BotJSSelenium  = 152 // Selenium headless browser.
	BotJSWebDriver = 153 // Generic WebDriver-based headless browser.

These are never set by isbot, but can be used to send signals from JS; for example:

var is_bot = function() {
    var w = window, d = document
    if (w.callPhantom || w._phantom || w.phantom)
        return 150
    if (w.__nightmare)
        return 151
    if (d.__selenium_unwrapped || d.__webdriver_evaluate || d.__driver_evaluate)
        return 152
    if (navigator.webdriver)
        return 153
    return 0


func Is

func Is(r Result) bool

Is this constant a bot?

func IsNot

func IsNot(r Result) bool

IsNot is the inverse of Is().

func IsUserAgent

func IsUserAgent(r Result) bool

IsUserAgent reports if this is considered a bot because of the User-Agent header.

func Prefetch

func Prefetch(h http.Header) bool

Prefetch checks if this request is a browser "pre-fetch" request.


type Result

type Result uint8

func Bot

func Bot(r *http.Request) Result

Bot checks if this HTTP request looks like a bot.

It returns one of the constants as the reason we think this is a bot.

This assumes that r.RemoteAddr is set to the real IP and does not check X-Forwarded-For or X-Real-IP.

Note that both 0 and 1 may indicate that it's *not* a bot; use Is() and IsNot() to check.

func IPRange

func IPRange(addr string) Result

IPRange checks if this IP address is from a range that should normally never send browser requests, such as AWS and other cloud providers.

func UserAgent

func UserAgent(ua string) Result

UserAgent checks if this User-Agent header looks like a bot.

It returns one of the constants as the reason we think this is a bot.

func (Result) String

func (r Result) String() string

Source Files

ip.go ip_ranges.go isbot.go user_agent.go


cmd/isbotCommand isbot checks if a User-Agent is a bot.
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Feb 18, 2022
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