package wcwidth

import ""

Package wcwidth provides utilities for determining the column width of characters when displayed on the terminal.


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func Force

func Force(s string, width int) string

Force forces the string s to the given column width by trimming and padding.

func Of

func Of(s string) (w int)

Of returns the column width of a string, assuming no soft line breaks.

func OfRune

func OfRune(r rune) int

OfRune returns the column width of a rune.

func Override

func Override(r rune, w int)

Override overrides the column width of a rune to be a specific non-negative value. If w < 0, it removes the override.

func Trim

func Trim(s string, wmax int) string

Trim trims the string s so that it has a column width of at most wmax.

func TrimEachLine

func TrimEachLine(s string, width int) string

TrimEachLine trims each line of s so that it is no wider than the specified width.

func Unoverride

func Unoverride(r rune)

Unoverride removes the column width override of a rune.

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