package storetest

import ""

Package storetest keeps test suites against storedefs.Store.


Package Files

cmd.go dir.go shared_var.go storetest.go

func TestCmd

func TestCmd(t *testing.T, store storedefs.Store)

TestCmd tests the command history functionality of a Store.

func TestDir

func TestDir(t *testing.T, tStore storedefs.Store)

TestDir tests the directory history functionality of a Store.

func TestSharedVar

func TestSharedVar(t *testing.T, tStore storedefs.Store)

TestSharedVar tests the shared variable functionality of a Store.

Package storetest imports 4 packages (graph).

Version v0.17.0 (latest) | Published Dec 7, 2021 | Platform: linux/amd64 | Updated 1 day ago

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