package satisfy

import ""

Package satisfy inspects the type-checked ASTs of Go packages and reports the set of discovered type constraints of the form (lhs, rhs Type) where lhs is a non-trivial interface, rhs satisfies this interface, and this fact is necessary for the package to be well-typed.


It is provided only for the gorename tool. Ideally this functionality will become part of the type-checker in due course, since it is computing it anyway, and it is robust for ill-typed inputs, which this package is not.


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type Constraint

type Constraint struct {
    LHS, RHS types.Type

A Constraint records the fact that the RHS type does and must satisfy the LHS type, which is an interface. The names are suggestive of an assignment statement LHS = RHS.

type Finder

type Finder struct {
    Result map[Constraint]bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Finder inspects the type-checked ASTs of Go packages and accumulates the set of type constraints (x, y) such that x is assignable to y, y is an interface, and both x and y have methods.

In other words, it returns the subset of the "implements" relation that is checked during compilation of a package. Refactoring tools will need to preserve at least this part of the relation to ensure continued compilation.

func (*Finder) Find

func (f *Finder) Find(info *types.Info, files []*ast.File)

Find inspects a single package, populating Result with its pairs of constrained types.

The result is non-canonical and thus may contain duplicates (but this tends to preserves names of interface types better).

The package must be free of type errors, and info.{Defs,Uses,Selections,Types} must have been populated by the type-checker.

Package satisfy imports 6 packages (graph).

Version v0.1.8 (latest) | Published Dec 2, 2021 | Platform: linux/amd64 | Updated 3 weeks ago

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