package eg

import ""

Package eg implements the example-based refactoring tool whose command-line is defined in


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const Help = "" /* 4318 byte string literal not displayed */

func WriteAST

func WriteAST(fset *token.FileSet, filename string, f *ast.File) (err error)

WriteAST is a convenience function that writes AST f to the specified file.

type Transformer

type Transformer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Transformer represents a single example-based transformation.

func NewTransformer

func NewTransformer(fset *token.FileSet, tmplPkg *types.Package, tmplFile *ast.File, tmplInfo *types.Info, verbose bool) (*Transformer, error)

NewTransformer returns a transformer based on the specified template, a single-file package containing "before" and "after" functions as described in the package documentation. tmplInfo is the type information for tmplFile.

func (*Transformer) Transform

func (tr *Transformer) Transform(info *types.Info, pkg *types.Package, file *ast.File) int

Transform applies the transformation to the specified parsed file, whose type information is supplied in info, and returns the number of replacements that were made.

It mutates the AST in place (the identity of the root node is unchanged), and may add nodes for which no type information is available in info.

Derived from rewriteFile in $GOROOT/src/cmd/gofmt/rewrite.go.

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Version v0.1.8 (latest) | Published Dec 2, 2021 | Platform: linux/amd64 | Updated 3 weeks ago

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