package ctrlflow

import ""

Package ctrlflow is an analysis that provides a syntactic control-flow graph (CFG) for the body of a function. It records whether a function cannot return. By itself, it does not report any diagnostics.


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var Analyzer = &analysis.Analyzer{
    Name:       "ctrlflow",
    Doc:        "build a control-flow graph",
    Run:        run,
    ResultType: reflect.TypeOf(new(CFGs)),
    FactTypes:  []analysis.Fact{new(noReturn)},
    Requires:   []*analysis.Analyzer{inspect.Analyzer},

type CFGs

type CFGs struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A CFGs holds the control-flow graphs for all the functions of the current package.

func (*CFGs) FuncDecl

func (c *CFGs) FuncDecl(decl *ast.FuncDecl) *cfg.CFG

FuncDecl returns the control-flow graph for a named function. It returns nil if decl.Body==nil.

func (*CFGs) FuncLit

func (c *CFGs) FuncLit(lit *ast.FuncLit) *cfg.CFG

FuncLit returns the control-flow graph for a literal function.

Package ctrlflow imports 9 packages (graph).

Version v0.1.8 (latest) | Published Dec 2, 2021 | Platform: linux/amd64 | Updated 3 weeks ago

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