Command file2fuzz

file2fuzz converts binary files, such as those used by go-fuzz, to the Go fuzzing corpus format.


file2fuzz [-o output] [input...]

The defualt behavior is to read input from stdin and write the converted output to stdout. If any position arguments are provided stdin is ignored and the arguments are assumed to be input files to convert.

The -o flag provides an path to write output files to. If only one positional argument is specified it may be a file path or an existing directory, if there are multiple inputs specified it must be a directory. If a directory is provided the name of the file will be the SHA-256 hash of its contents.

Command file2fuzz imports 9 packages (graph).

Version v0.1.8 (latest) | Published Dec 2, 2021 | Platform: linux/amd64 | Updated 3 weeks ago

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