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go/astPackage ast declares the types used to represent syntax trees for Go packages.
go/buildPackage build gathers information about Go packages.
go/build/constraintPackage constraint implements parsing and evaluation of build constraint lines.
go/constantPackage constant implements Values representing untyped Go constants and their corresponding operations.
go/docPackage doc extracts source code documentation from a Go AST.
go/doc/commentPackage comment implements parsing and reformatting of Go doc comments, (documentation comments), which are comments that immediately precede a top-level declaration of a package, const, func, type, or var.
go/formatPackage format implements standard formatting of Go source.
go/importerPackage importer provides access to export data importers.
go/parserPackage parser implements a parser for Go source files.
go/printerPackage printer implements printing of AST nodes.
go/scannerPackage scanner implements a scanner for Go source text.
go/tokenPackage token defines constants representing the lexical tokens of the Go programming language and basic operations on tokens (printing, predicates).
go/typesPackage types declares the data types and implements the algorithms for type-checking of Go packages.
go/versionPackage version provides operations on [Go versions] in [Go toolchain name syntax]: strings like "go1.20", "go1.21.0", "go1.22rc2", and "go1.23.4-bigcorp".
v1.22.0 (latest)
Feb 2, 2024
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