package transform

import ""

Package transform provides template functions for transforming content.


Package Files

init.go remarshal.go transform.go unmarshal.go

type Namespace

type Namespace struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Namespace provides template functions for the "transform" namespace.

func New

func New(deps *deps.Deps) *Namespace

New returns a new instance of the transform-namespaced template functions.

func (*Namespace) CanHighlight

func (ns *Namespace) CanHighlight(language string) bool

CanHighlight returns whether the given code language is supported by the Chroma highlighter.

func (*Namespace) Emojify

func (ns *Namespace) Emojify(s any) (template.HTML, error)

Emojify returns a copy of s with all emoji codes replaced with actual emojis.


func (*Namespace) HTMLEscape

func (ns *Namespace) HTMLEscape(s any) (string, error)

HTMLEscape returns a copy of s with reserved HTML characters escaped.

func (*Namespace) HTMLUnescape

func (ns *Namespace) HTMLUnescape(s any) (string, error)

HTMLUnescape returns a copy of s with HTML escape requences converted to plain text.

func (*Namespace) Highlight

func (ns *Namespace) Highlight(s any, lang string, opts ...any) (template.HTML, error)

Highlight returns a copy of s as an HTML string with syntax highlighting applied.

func (*Namespace) HighlightCodeBlock

func (ns *Namespace) HighlightCodeBlock(ctx hooks.CodeblockContext, opts ...any) (highlight.HightlightResult, error)

HighlightCodeBlock highlights a code block on the form received in the codeblock render hooks.

func (*Namespace) Markdownify

func (ns *Namespace) Markdownify(s any) (template.HTML, error)

Markdownify renders s from Markdown to HTML.

func (*Namespace) Plainify

func (ns *Namespace) Plainify(s any) (string, error)

Plainify returns a copy of s with all HTML tags removed.

func (*Namespace) Remarshal

func (ns *Namespace) Remarshal(format string, data any) (string, error)

Remarshal is used in the Hugo documentation to convert configuration examples from YAML to JSON, TOML (and possibly the other way around). The is primarily a helper for the Hugo docs site. It is not a general purpose YAML to TOML converter etc., and may change without notice if it serves a purpose in the docs. Format is one of json, yaml or toml.

func (*Namespace) Reset

func (ns *Namespace) Reset()

For internal use.

func (*Namespace) Unmarshal

func (ns *Namespace) Unmarshal(args ...any) (any, error)

Unmarshal unmarshals the data given, which can be either a string, json.RawMessage or a Resource. Supported formats are JSON, TOML, YAML, and CSV. You can optionally provide an options map as the first argument.

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