package partials

import ""

Package partials provides template functions for working with reusable templates.


Package Files

init.go partials.go


var TestTemplateProvider deps.ResourceProvider

TestTemplateProvider is global deps.ResourceProvider. NOTE: It's currently unused.

type Namespace

type Namespace struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Namespace provides template functions for the "templates" namespace.

func New

func New(deps *deps.Deps) *Namespace

New returns a new instance of the templates-namespaced template functions.

func (*Namespace) Include

func (ns *Namespace) Include(ctx context.Context, name string, contextList ...any) (any, error)

Include executes the named partial. If the partial contains a return statement, that value will be returned. Else, the rendered output will be returned: A string if the partial is a text/template, or template.HTML when html/template. Note that ctx is provided by Hugo, not the end user.

func (*Namespace) IncludeCached

func (ns *Namespace) IncludeCached(ctx context.Context, name string, context any, variants ...any) (any, error)

IncludeCached executes and caches partial templates. The cache is created with name+variants as the key. Note that ctx is provided by Hugo, not the end user.

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Jun 16, 2022
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