package crypto

import ""

Package crypto provides template functions for cryptographic operations.


Package Files

crypto.go init.go

type Namespace

type Namespace struct{}

Namespace provides template functions for the "crypto" namespace.

func New

func New() *Namespace

New returns a new instance of the crypto-namespaced template functions.

func (*Namespace) FNV32a

func (ns *Namespace) FNV32a(in any) (int, error)

FNV32a hashes using fnv32a algorithm

func (*Namespace) HMAC

func (ns *Namespace) HMAC(h any, k any, m any, e ...any) (string, error)

HMAC returns a cryptographic hash that uses a key to sign a message.

func (*Namespace) MD5

func (ns *Namespace) MD5(in any) (string, error)

MD5 hashes the given input and returns its MD5 checksum.

func (*Namespace) SHA1

func (ns *Namespace) SHA1(in any) (string, error)

SHA1 hashes the given input and returns its SHA1 checksum.

func (*Namespace) SHA256

func (ns *Namespace) SHA256(in any) (string, error)

SHA256 hashes the given input and returns its SHA256 checksum.

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Jun 16, 2022
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