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package changelog

import ""

Package changelog provides a way to create, parse and convert changelogs. Currently, only parsing Markdown keep-a-changelog style and Debian changelogs is implemented for input, and only Debian changelog for output.



var (
	ErrNotSemver = fmt.Errorf("not semver") // string is not a valid semver

Error codes


type Change

type Change struct {
	Type string // "Added", "Fixed", etc.
	Body string // the actual description

Change is one change (usually one line in a changelog)

type Changelog

type Changelog map[Version]Release

Changelog is the complete changelog representation

func ParseDebian

func ParseDebian(r io.Reader) (cl Changelog, err error)

ParseDebian reads a Debian changelog into Changelog

func ParseMd

func ParseMd(r io.Reader) (cl Changelog, err error)

ParseMd reads a markdown file (keep-a-changelog style format) into Changelog

func (Changelog) Debian

func (cl Changelog) Debian(packageName string) (out []byte, err error)

Debian outputs Changelog with debian changelog formatting

type Maintainer

type Maintainer struct {
	Name  string
	Email string

Maintainer is the maintainer of the package

type Release

type Release struct {
	Date         time.Time
	Changes      []Change
	Urgency      string     // urgency in Debian terms, "medium" is used if none is provided
	Distribution string     // distribution released to (Debian-specific), "stable" is used if none is provided
	Maintainer   Maintainer // package maintainer

Release is a single release. A changelog usually comprises of several releases.

type Version

type Version struct {
	Major      int
	Minor      int
	Patch      int
	Prerelease string

Version is a recognized version (following semver conventions)

func ToVersion

func ToVersion(s string) (v Version, err error)

ToVersion converts string to Version (if possible)

func (Version) String

func (v Version) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer interface for Version

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cmd/changelogThe changelog binary generates a Debian changelog from a Markdown keep-a-changelog-style one
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Mar 15, 2023
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